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Since 2001, Stacy Blackman Consulting (SBC) clients have been admitted to every top business school worldwide, often with merit scholarships. SBC has a complete panel of former Admissions Officers from every top MBA program in-house. The SBC team has MBA expertise at every top US and EU school, has graduated from the best MBA programs and understands career paths in every industry, traditional and non- traditional. 

SBC deeply values mentor-ship within its client engagements and limits the number of clients for each consultant, engaging with clients only after its Validation Team evaluates candidacy strength. Stacy Blackman Consulting delivers results, as shown through its record of the highest number of online reviews across multiple sites, such as YELP. SBC offers a limited number of free consultations weekly for inquiries who have been pre-screened by our tenured team. Contact us for a free consultation to request time with an SBC Principal.      

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Highly recommend!
January 16 | 2019
reviewer identity verified by score report
     By gmatgirl700 0 0

Caryn was amazing to work with! I am a young candidate with average/below average GPA and GMAT from a mid-level consulting firm, so had lots of reasons to doubt my chances at the top programs. Whenever I was over-thinking or too in my head, Caryn helped me to calm down and think clearly. She helped me bring out my unique story and non-traditional career goals. I was eventually admitted to Stanford GSB, Wharton, Booth, and Kellogg!!! I could not have gotten here without Caryn's patience and dedication, or without SBC's extensive resources! The SBC flight test helped identify holes in my application package and I was able to talk to Caryn and a Wharton team based interview expert to prepare for my interviews. As someone who did not have many friends or mentors who had gone through the MBA application process, I initially felt completely lost. But with Caryn and SBC, I felt well-informed about how to handle every aspect such as class visits, email correspondence, mentioning low grades, etc. When I got my admissions, I could tell Caryn was almost as thrilled as I was! She really believed in me and was highly invested in the process. I highly recommend working with Caryn.

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By dkrugman 0 0

I am beyond grateful for my experience with Carrie and Stacy Blackman. Carrie was extremely helpful and proved to be an invaluable resource. Upon our first discussion, Carrie was able to help craft my unique story to make my MBA application well rounded and tightly knit. As I was not a traditional business school candidate since I wasn’t in a strictly financial field, she helps me create a personalized and strong essay. She always was prompt in her responses by getting to me within 24-48 hours and she made herself available to me as frequent as necessary. Draft after draft Carrie stayed positive and supportive which allowed me to keep me own motivation and expectations up to par. When I found out that I was granted an interview, Carrie was open to multiple mock interviews to minimize me anxiety. This proved to be extremely beneficial. From the start, I could tell that Carrie was extremely invested in my success and I couldn’t be more grateful that I was fortunate enough to work with her!

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Yes, yes, and yes!
January 13 | 2019
reviewer identity verified by score report
     By meb09 0 0

If you are at all like I was a year ago – reading this thread and thinking – is it worth it? THE ANSWER IS YES. Stop reading and go book Stacy Blackman Consulting now. SBC was invaluable in enabling me get into my dream school.

One thing is for sure in the application process -- you are going to have A LOT of questions. Maybe even doubts or concerns. Stacy Blackman Consulting will have the answers that you can TRUST and answers that are tailored to fit your INDIVIDUAL needs/skills/circumstance. This will make all the difference in enabling you to present yourself confidently, efficiently, and effectively in your written applications and in person interviews. I was amazed by how much my consultant, Beth, brought out the best in me. I have to say if you are lucky enough to work with Beth, you have hit the jackpot. Beth was nothing short of a dream. She was relentless, professional, insightful, supportive, meticulous, responsive, and worked her tail off to teach me how to put my best foot forward. I truly felt like I had superwoman on my side through this process – there to save the day if I needed her, but all the while coaching me on how to fly on my own!

In summary, go sign up for SBC and don’t look back. Their guidance is worth every penny. When you get that acceptance call from your dream school admissions, you will be so happy you did!!

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Exceeded Expectations!
January 10 | 2019
reviewer identity verified by score report
     By pgt1991 0 0

I cannot express how grateful I am for Maureen and Stacy Blackman. With the help, support, and resources of Maureen and Stacy Blackman, I found great success in my MBA applications. I was accepted to Tuck, Ross, and Fuqua, my top choices!

From my initial consultation with Sarah Tsai, I received customized and tailored advice from Stacy Blackman. Sarah matched me with Maureen based on my background and goals, and it was a great fit! Maureen took the time to really get to know my background, experiences, and goals, and worked with me to create a schedule and application plan. When I fell behind schedule due to disappointing GMAT scores, she helped and motivated me to stay on track and ensure that I ultimately met my round one deadlines. From the beginning, she set clear expectations and made me aware of my weaknesses. This allowed me to acknowledge and address these weaknesses in my application. Most significantly, I had a low GMAT quant score. While I felt discouraged, Maureen pushed me to retake the test multiple times, and even consider the GRE. She encouraged me to take advantage of all possible opportunities to ensure I submitted my best possible application.

Maureen and I worked on countless resume, essay, and email drafts. Because she really understood my experiences and goals, she helped me to create unique and personalized essays. She consistently emailed me back drafts the same day with strong edits and ideas. I emailed her daily with questions and concerns and she never failed to respond in a timely and thorough manner. Maureen was invested in my success throughout the whole process. She provided insight into the particular programs that I was applying to and helped me to differentiate my applications. She followed up with me after each interview and event that I attended. I am so incredibly grateful for Maureen and Stacy Blackman.

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By brianboca 0 0

At first hesitant to sign-up for the all-in service as an applicant getting going ~2 months before applications were due, I can't vouch enough for the value Beth provided during my MBA application mission.

Beth helped structure my story as a unique applicant (despite a traditional background), provided extensive edits throughout the essay writing process (and complete story revamps), managed my timeline to a T and made it possible to go 3/3 on M7 schools as a white male with a finance background (something that I believed had put me at a disadvantage). Beth provided realistic expectations, valuable insights based on her past experiences, and was incredibly timely throughout.

Her helpfulness as part of the all-in package for Kellogg resulted in me using some of her services (hourly) for Michigan and Wharton as well. Ultimately, I was accepted to all 3 schools, which significant merit scholarships to both 2 of the schools. I can't vouch for Beth enough

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By matthew0628 0 0

To be honest, I was extremely hesitant about hiring an admissions consultant. It seemed like an expensive investment for services that had a somewhat high likelihood of not panning out successfully (what with low acceptance rates). That being said, I'm glad I decided to give it a shot and work with Stacy Blackman. Carrie was a fantastic resource and gave solid, actionable advice. She was prompt in her responses and got back to me within 24-48 hours whenever she reviewed my essays / resume. In addition to all of the help she provided, she was super friendly; once she found out that I was applying to her alma mater, she offered continuous support through the grad school process.

I would highly recommend Carrie for anyone looking to review their application with a focus on refining your theme or answering the question in an effective manor.

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By cbskin24 0 0

For context, I'm coming from a technology background, have an average GPA from a good undergrad school, and decent test scores.

I started reaching out to various consulting services at the beginning of my application process (~late this past summer) in order to maximize any chance of getting into a top 10 MBA program. After reaching out to a few other companies w/ no response, I found SBC. Immediately after reaching out, I was able to set up a productive phone call with someone at SBC (Esther), who was able to clearly highlight the strengths & weaknesses in my application story and offer a few recommendations. I felt that conversation was honest, efficient, and helpful, so I committed to SBC. I chose the hourly option because I wanted to spread my effort out across multiple schools.

I was paired up with Alex, who went to GSB and had a similar background as I did. We spent the first couple of hours at a high level finding the "right" story for all of my applications - one that would both make holistic sense in the context of a MBA application and fit my interests/ambitions. From there, we went back and forth on revisions of my resume, essays, recommendation letters, etc...

Throughout this process, Alex was direct & honest with me while also encouraging me to offer constructive feedback to him. He was able to recognize strengths & weaknesses in my application (e.g. strong extracurriculars, weak essay writing style) and effectively communicate how to make up for those weaknesses. I believe he had unique insights which materially helped my application (e.g. talk about collegiate athletic career @ school X because they value that type of team-based experience) and which I would not/could not have recognized on my own. He was timely in all of his communications and was efficient, which helped to make the most of our hourly sessions. This helped ease any additional time pressure and allowed me to submit all of my applications ahead of the initial deadlines without sacrificing quality.

All in all, I would highly recommend working with SBC. Everything was just easy - finding the right consultant, making payments, communication, etc... - and I think that's important in this process. I would also highly recommend working with Alex. Whether or not I got into any schools, I believe working with Alex gave me the BEST possible opportunity to get into a school of my dreams. Fortunately for me, I did! I'll be attending CBS next year and am truly excited.

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Excellent admissions consultant
December 28 | 2018
reviewer identity verified by score report
     By tigers15 19 4

After being dinged at H/S/W last year, I decided to use SBC first for ding analysis, and ultimately as a resource in reapplying this year. I did a good bit of research before selecting them and did so because (a) they have a large team, many of which were adcom members at top business schools and (b) they demonstrated significant expertise in each interaction I had with them.

While using an admissions consultant is a major investment, if you've decided you're going to pursue an MBA the incremental cost is relatively small, and the benefit is real in ensuring you have a shot at your dream schools. I worked with Meghan, a former Wharton adcom member who knew the ins and outs of the application process, beginning with a 2 hour kick-off discussion on my past experience, career goals, and potential schools. She helped me sift through my various professional and personal experiences to determine which are worth highlighting in essays as I crafted my narrative. She also gave me very tangible advice to strengthen my application, including re-taking the GMAT to aim for a higher quant score (which I wouldn't have done otherwise) and revisiting my LoR strategy.

We then went through 4-5 rounds of edits on my resume and each essay for the schools I was applying to. The improvement from my first draft to final copy was marked, and I have Meghan to thank for much of that. Your consultant won't write your essays, but she can offer invaluable perspective on how best to position your story to stand out. She put me at ease throughout the process and was very accessible.

One other differentiator worth calling out it SBC's wealth of resources available to clients. These include a free flight test for those who purchase an all-in package (which is a dry run at a profile evaluation), a number of resources for each school on strategy for essays and interviews, and other resources who are available as a second/third opinion when needed. This is a large, well-established group that clearly knows what they're doing.

I was admitted to Booth and Wharton first round (2/2 for the schools I worked with Meghan on), and attribute a good deal of my success to the guidance she provided. I'd recommend Meghan and SBC more broadly as an excellent resource for those serious about gaining admission to top business schools.

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Highly recommend!
December 28 | 2018
reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By shah.saachi 0 0

As I started my MBA journey, I was very keen on hiring a consultant since I wasn't an "easy" candidate. I started researching and had conversations with at least 7-8 different companies before settling on SBC. Going into the process I was looking for a company that would not sugar coat things and would take a personal interest in me. Two things sold me on SBC:
1) An initial conversation with Esther Magna. She gave point blank and honest advice on my application, which is exactly what I was looking for. I was also struggling between which consultant, and Esther was incredibly transparent about who would fit my needs best
2) Lisa's persistence of exploring the why behind each question. I made a point to have a conversation with her before officially signing on, and she really helped ease my nerves. Also, I'd read solid reviews on Lisa being a great consultant for difficult candidates (by difficult, I mean applicants aiming for Top 10 with lower GMAT scores). She was fantastic throughout the process, and I could not be happier!

Ultimately, I had a great experience and got admitted to 3 of the 6 schools I applied to. Highly recommend SBC!

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reviewer identity verified by gmat club tests
     By pathtomba93 3 6

Since my first contact with Bill regarding Stacy Blackman's services, I could tell right away that it would be a great increase to my MBA chances. I was told right away that the story that I had in my head was off and why it wouldn't fly with admissions at top schools, and from all the experience I've had since, I can definitely see why that was the case.

I signed up for the service and got matched up with Amy, and she was absolutely fantastic. The care and attention to detail she put into helping me fix up my resume, story and overall presentation of my applications was amazing and so appreciated. She was responsive, helpful, friendly and encouraging and definitely played a big part in helping me to get the offer of a lifetime!

Also, the Flight test administered by Beth was another big confidence boost, allowing me to focus on interviews knowing that my profile was strong enough for my target schools. I would recommend the service to anyone who is serious about their future!

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