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As of February 1, 2024, the GMAT Focus is the only GMAT. But not to worry: Target Test Prep™ (TTP™) will give you only what you need for the GMAT Focus Edition and nothing you don’t need.

Target Test Prep™ is an innovative test prep company that has been helping students break long-standing barriers to success on the GMAT for the past 16 years. TTP™ has created a powerful, online self-study platform that helps students earn impressive Quant, Verbal, and Data Insights scores with the Target Test Prep™ GMAT Focus course.

The Target Test Prep™ GMAT Focus course is accessible on all devices and includes the following:
  • 52 rigorous chapters broken into 1,500+ lessons
  • 4,000+ realistic GMAT Focus Quant, Verbal, and Data Insights problems
  • 1,300+ instructor-led HD videos
  • 1,200+ digital flashcards for studying on the go
  • 130-point score improvement guarantee
  • A personalized study plan and daily study calendar
  • Customizable practice tests
  • Intelligent analytics and a detailed error tracker
  • Live online support from GMAT Focus experts
So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for a full-access, risk-free 5-day trial for FREE and get every lesson, every practice question, every tool and feature that the TTP course provides with a paid subscription.
Don’t settle for GMAT Focus prep that gives you only some of what you need. With the Target Test Prep™ GMAT Focus course, you get everything you need to succeed on test day!
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April 03, 2017

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720 Q47 V42

Incredibly Thorough Course!


Improvement N/A

Course Target Test Prep Dedicated Study

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When I began my GMAT journey, I purchased the most popular prep book series knowing that the quant section would be a challenge for me. I started with the first book and, try as I may, I could NOT find the motivation get through it! I nearly gave up on the test entirely when a friend introduced me to TTP. The course was exactly what I needed to jumpstart my quant prep and relearn all of the math concepts I needed for the exam (there's a lesson for literally every topic that could possibly appear on the quant section of the exam). I loved that the platform tracked all of my progress and showed me my strongest and weakest areas based on the problems I completed. The ability to view and track my timing on each problem was also crucial in training my internal clock for the exam. Last but not least, TTP has the cleanest and best-functioning platform of all the courses I’ve seen/tried. While this may seem trivial, I believe it played a role in keeping me organized and motivated.

I want to note that, while TTP helped me learn all of the math concepts I needed for the GMAT, the problems in the course are not official GMAT questions. It is absolutely critical for students to solve official questions from the Official Guide as they progress through the course. I didn’t realize this and took the GMAT after only using TTP to study and received a 660. For my second attempt, I utilized all of the knowledge I gained through TTP to solve almost every question in the OG, retook the exam, and came out with a 720. Do not underestimate the power of the OG!!

In conclusion, TTP (in conjunction with the OG) helped me master the quant section as a non-quant person. I recommend for anyone who’s curious about the course to try the 5-day trial and see how great it is for her/himself!

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April 03, 2017

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Nothing like TTP!


Improvement 120 Points

Course Target Test Prep Dedicated Study

Location Online

I started with Target Test Prep after trying several methods and programs to improve my quant score. I do not use math in my daily life and it had been a while since I last studied it. The TTP curriculum really made a difference in my understanding on what each question is asking, and gave me the tools I needed to approach each question with confidence. TTP is not about tricks and shortcuts on how to go around the GMAT, but it teaches you in a clear way everything you need to know math related to succeed on the test. Jeff was my tutor. I met very few people so passionate about their job to the point of truly caring for my improvements and results. I always got quick responses to any questions I had, he kept me motivated and pushed me when things got harder and overall helped me with strategies and anything GMAT related. I wouldn’t have improved to a 42 on my quant without the help of Target Test Prep!

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