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Think you are ready to tackle GMAT Verbal. Register to take the e-GMAT SC, CR and RC diagnostic test free of charge to evaluate your performance against the best out there. Here is what the diagnostic tests contain:

  • SC diagnostic: 15 questions with audio visual solutions
  • RC diagnostic: 13 questions with 4 passages and audio visual solutions
  • CR diagnostic: 13 questions with audio visual solutions.

The e-GMAT diagnostic tests have been attempted by over 10,000 students in the last 12 months.

How to compare your performance against that of your peers?

We will be publish comparative results such as the one presented below on October 1, 2012. This will allow you to establish where you stand. Also, make sure that you review the detailed solutions especially for questions that you did not answer correctly.  Do post questions in the adjoining forum posts if you have a doubt.

Feel free to explore the free trial?

At e-GMAT we allow you to have a taste before you take a plunge. Therefore, we provide a free trial that contains more than 150 problems. Feel free to explore the free trial. Make sure you do the free concept and application files for bold face questions. Also try the main point concepts in Reading Comprehension course and while you are at it, take our highly acclaimed Verb-ing modifier concept in Sentence Correction. View this video below if you need any help.


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