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Only Knewton’s GMAT prep classes give you access to more than 3,400 GMAT practice questions, all online—so you can practice wherever, whenever. Our system tracks your performance at the atomic level across 1,000+ different GMAT concepts and strategies, and then personalizes the course for you. It’s the most powerful adaptive learning system in the world. Get started with some of Knewton’s GMAT review course sample questions.


Knewton GMAT Prep Courses

Complete Prep
Money-back guarantee 50+ points
On-demand class library 100+ hours
Practice Problems 3,800+ homework problems
Full-length practice tests 6
Unlimited Access 4 months

GMAT Complete PrepKnewton reviews at GMAT Club

Money-back guarantee
You’ll gain at least 50 points, or get a full refund—all we ask is that you do the work.

On-demand class library
The ultimate reference—13 video sessions for every topic on the GMAT.

Practice problems
More than 3,800 practice problems of all types, all designed to target specific components on the GMAT—no surprises on test day.

Full-length practice tests
Six complete computer adaptive tests (CATs)—reliably scored, with full explanations and analytics.

Unlimited access
It’s your course—use it whenever you want, wherever you can get online.

Knewton GMAT Complete Prep also includes:

  • A fully searchable reference section with explanations, videos, related concepts, and tips for 700+ scorers. What a book wishes it could be.
  • A dynamic list of topics for you to focus on, generated automatically based on your progress and powered by our Adaptive Learning Platform.

GMAT Club Discount

GMAT Club is offering you a Knewton GMAT promotion code, your ticket to Knewton GMAT prep
classes that will help you achieve the score you need. Claim your Knewton GMAT coupon now and get
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Knewton is developing the industry’s most powerful adaptive learning engine, customizing educational content to meet the needs of each student. Whereas traditional classrooms and textbooks provide the same material to every student, Knewton will dynamically match lessons, videos, and practice problems to each student’s ideal learning arc.

How does the guarantee work?

Simple. If you do the work and don’t gain at least 50 points on your score, we’ll refund 100% of your course fee. We’ll ask for a copy of your official score report, which we’ll compare to your previous score (if you have one) or your first Knewton CAT.

How do on-demand classes work?

All past classes are accessible from our on-demand archive. It’s a great resource for catching up on missed classes or checking out lessons from different teachers. Plus, on-demand sessions are valid forms of attendance toward the money-back guarantee.

What does “adaptive” mean?

It means you get instant, precise data about your performance throughout the course. See your progress, up to the minute, on hundreds of concepts at any time. We pinpoint exactly what you need to hit your score goals.

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Knewton Kaplan Princeton Manhattan GMAT Veritas Prep
Price $349 $1,149 $899 $1,090 $1,200
Practice Items 3800+ 3000+ 1000 1450+ 1500+
Practice GMAT CATs 6 9 5 6 15
Membership Length 4 months 3 months 4 months 5 months 6 months
Money-back Guarantee 50+ pts 10 pts None None 10 pts


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