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Executive MBA Salaries Post-EMBA: ROI (Return on Investment)

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Key insights from EMBA Expert Dr. Shelle,

Professionals interested in Executive MBA programs often wonder about the return on investment (ROI). Tuition at top EMBA programs can range between $150,000 and $200,000. Naturally, many candidates ponder whether they will experience an immediate salary increase that can help ensure they enjoy a great ROI.

Salary changes among EMBA graduates are not widely traced, but The Financial Times is one reputable source that presents some salary increase data. Some observers would argue that the Financial Times’ pool of responders is too small, but according to its 2023 assessment, many EMBA graduates experienced a very noteworthy salary increase during and immediately after their EMBA program. What might a salary look like post-graduation? Below is what The Financial Times reports in terms of the average EMBA alumni salary, which The Financial Times indicates is the “average alumni salary three years after course completion, US$ PPP equivalent.” Please note, business schools like MIT Sloan may have a higher average salary three years post-program because its EMBA students enter the program, on average, at a more senior level than EMBA programs like Cornell and Columbia.

Average EMBA Salaries Post-EMBA

MIT: $381,000.

University of Chicago Booth: $319,000.

Kellogg: $301,000.

Wharton: $295,000.

Yale School of Management: $291,000.

UCLA: $274,000.

NYU: $271,000.

Columbia: $255,000.

Duke: $220,000.

Cornell Johnson: $177,000.

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