GMAT Club Tests

About GMAT Club Tests

If you’re in need of some much due practice to help you prepare for the GMAT test then you’ve come to the right place! The GMAT Club is your online resource for preparing you for admission into the MBA school of your dreams and the professional career of a lifetime.

Don’t get left behind being under prepared. Our online community of over 50,000 members agrees that our practice tests were even harder and challenging than the actual GMAT test. This is the closest practice test you can get to the actual test that resembles the actual question layout and the answer confirmation window.

We have 2 FREE GMAT tests that you can take. There are over 1200 math and verbal questions overall for you to practice answering beyond the free ones. Hone up on your math skills by engaging yourself into 25 sets of problems to get you into the quantitative spirit. The 6 verbal sets of problems will bring out your inner literary scholar that’s been lying dormant.

You’re not only getting 2 Free GMAT tests to take but also some valuable tools are included as well. The flag question tool allows you to flag questions while you’re taking the test or afterwards, so you can come back and review the “I’m not so sure” questions that you’ve encountered along the way.

There’s also the test history and review section where you’ll be able access a listing of all the tests you’ve taken and a collection of your test scores. From here you’ll also be able to review the flagged questions and a detailed explanations of the answers so you’ll understand the methodology. Last but certainly not least, you will have at your disposal, an optional self-timer that you control turning on and off!

If mastering the GMAT test is more of what you had in mind, then additional tests are available to purchase for only $12.95 or you can have access to ALL questions and ALL tests for a small fee of only $99.00. Register today and start your online preparation for the GMAT test and get started on your future!