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mbaMission and Manhattan Prep’s GMAT vs. GRE Infographic

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Applying to business school is a process rife with decisions—which schools to target, which recommenders to choose, which essays to write—and a common one giving candidates some serious pause these days is which exam to take, the GMAT or the GRE? As the number of programs accepting the GRE continues to grow, aspiring MBAs are becoming more and more confused about this element of the application process.

In hopes of helping clarify the issue, mbaMission has teamed up with Manhattan Prep to create this new infographic comparing the classic GMAT and the increasingly popular GRE side by side. Quickly see how they differ, which test certain MBA programs accept, how the content and scores relate, and other useful details—and move a little closer to crossing another important decision off your to-do list!

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*Data collected in December 2017. Any subsequent variance in figures may be due to finalization or adjustment of data by the schools after our publication date.