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Profile Evaluation Request : Engineer | F-27Y

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Joined: 07 Apr 2018
Posts: 35
Location: India
GPA: 4
WE: Information Technology (Computer Software)
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Profile Evaluation Request : Engineer | F-27Y  [#permalink]

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New post 25 Jul 2019, 06:05
Hi Folks,

It would be great to have your valuable feedback on my profile. Applying for MBA & MIS schools in the USA in Fall 2020.

Demographic: India, Female (27 y/o)
Education: B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering
GMAT : 690 (Q-50, V-32, IR-8, AWA - 5)

Work Ex: 6 years by 2020, currently working IBM as Service Manager with main job role as Customer Service Management for Sales Process automation for Major CPG client (Tobacco)

Leadership: Currently collaborating with an offshore location team of 50 people and 15 Markets across all Asia Pacific Zone.

Main Points in the CV:
>> International Exposure:
1. Stayed in Jakarta, Indonesia for more than 1 year
2. Stayed in Melbourne, Australia for a couple of months
3. Stayed in Bangkok, Thailand for Technical Consultancy on behalf of IBM
>> National Level Scholarship received from Government of India for academic excellence in 12th std.
>> Graduated (B.Tech) with a decent 90%
>> Involved in many Team building activities since college level

1. Holding a Diploma Degree in Painting
2. Travelfreak, a Blogger, and have a keen interest in Photography.

I have shortlisted below schools to apply :

For MBA :
1) ISB Hyderabad
2) UConn

For MIS :
1) Rutgers University
2) Sunny Buffalo
4) Indiana Bloomington

Please evaluate my chances over these applications and share your valuable feedback. Also, please let me know in case I have missed any school from consideration.

In case you need more details, I can share the same over email.

Avanti Prep Admissions Consultant
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Joined: 08 Aug 2017
Posts: 307
Re: Profile Evaluation Request : Engineer | F-27Y  [#permalink]

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New post 28 Jul 2019, 14:12
Hi mallicks123,

Thank you for your post. Here are my thoughts:


As a first step, I would really encourage you to assess whether you wish to pursue an MBA or an MIS degree. Look into the programs as deeply as you can, analyze their employment reports, and try to connect with current students and/or alumni to learn more about what the experiences are like and what kind of jobs and careers people who have each type of degree go into. (Even more specifically, try to connect with international students at the programs, including students from your home country, that way you can get a read on what career paths are viable specifically for international students post-degree, as visa opportunities and sponsorship can play a role in that.) By doing so, you will be able to identify whether the MBA or the MIS has better alignment with what you're hoping to do and accomplish in your career. (Sometimes folks still end up deciding to apply to both, which is okay too!)


If you do end up focusing on MBA programs (or deciding to apply to more than just those that you've listed), I believe that you can develop a school strategy that is more aggressive on the U.S. than what you've articulated above (UConn is the #79 ranked MBA program in the U.S. according to U.S. News & World Report). With your profile, I could see you building a school strategy that ranges from approximately T20 to T40 in the rankings, depending on how aggressive you want to be on the top end and how much you might wish to prioritize chances at scholarship funding toward the back end. You might even be able to reach past T20 for one or two schools; no two candidates are alike, but I have worked with a young woman from India with a pretty similar profile who received strong scholarships to two schools in the T17-20 range. Those are definitely reaches, I'd characterize her outcome as pretty much "best case scenario," and it required unbelievable hard work and commitment on her part, and very deep partnership together. I think that the T17-25 would be very difficult, but as the aforementioned case study demonstrates, it might be worth including a couple of schools from that range in your strategy, and then cascading and diversifying down the rankings from there.


On a related note, you have a great Quant score, so if you think you can improve your Verbal, you can potentially push even higher on the GMAT and, along with that, even higher in the rankings for either of the degrees. On the MIS side, I'd say you line up pretty well with the programs you've listed, though Indiana might be more of a reach given your GMAT score is pretty much right around their average, which can be a difficult starting point when many of these programs are small, and they receive a lot of applications from India. No matter the degree or the school, that underscores the heightened importance of bringing your story to life; unpacking the value of your professional and personal experiences (such as your international experience); articulating the specifics of your goals, why you need the degree, and how each school uniquely enables you to realize your goals; describing what unique / specific contributions you can make to each program; and differentiating yourself across your essays, applications, recommendations, etc . If you'd like to discuss how to approach these topics (and how I work with applicants to do so), or to further consider your school selection, please feel free to email me at or sign up for a Free Consultation via this link:

Best Regards,
Greg Guglielmo
Founder | Avanti Prep
MBA Admissions Consulting
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Re: Profile Evaluation Request : Engineer | F-27Y   [#permalink] 28 Jul 2019, 14:12
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Profile Evaluation Request : Engineer | F-27Y

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