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mbaMission is a professional MBA Admissions consulting firm, specializing in helping business school applicants identify and showcase the strongest aspects of their candidacy in their applications. Their dedicated consultants work one-on-one with candidates to ensure their unique stories are presented in a compelling way that will make the admissions committees take notice.


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Strong Support for Katy Lewis
September 22 | 2016
reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By jasonmadams 0 0
This review is for: mbaMission * School Packages
Consultant: Katharine Lewis

I worked with Katy Lewis on round 2 applications to three different schools (on a package basis). Katy came highly recommended from a friend and I chose her after having initial conversations/ interviews with three other business school consultants.

I know I made the right decision in using Katy, and I believe that she was the difference-maker that helped me get into my target school (off the waitlist, I might add). Speak to anyone who has used Katy – they will universally recommend her (just see the posts below). To keep it simple, Katy has some real differentiators and she added value to my application in very clear, tangible ways:

1. School-specific admissions knowledge: From our first conversation, it was clear that Katy knew what made each school’s admissions department “tick.” Since she already knew the hot button issues for my target schools, she immediately began giving advice about what to emphasize from my background and some ideas to differentiate/ strengthen. What Booth is looking for is vastly different from what Tuck is looking for, and Katy is one step ahead in separately appealing to those schools.

2. Taking essays from solid to great: I imagine that every business school consultant will edit your essays. I’d even guess that every good one will add real value. Where Katy differentiators herself even further is her assistance on the “Why this school?” question in the application. Every school asks and Katy helps craft the essay/ give you ideas so that it sounds like you know the school as well as a current student.

3. Initial Brainstorm: Katy typically sets up an early brainstorm session where you discuss who you are, your background, your interests. More importantly, you talk about your motivations, dreams, fears and focus points. This brainstorm session, as far as I know, is unique to Katy (only someone with her interest in people and personality could pull it off) and helped me figure out what I would write my essays about.

4. Realistic Feedback: From Day 1 – Katy shot me straight about my chances at different schools. Of course, I still applied to all the reach schools on my list (and Katy encouraged me to), but her ability to softly manage expectations/ prepare me for the necessity of overcoming my overrepresented background was helpful. I preferred that to a consultant who was unrealistic and telling me what I wanted to hear.

5. Positive Feedback Approach: At the same time, Katy drives you with positive feedback and reinforcement. Personally, I respond well to positive feedback. Her various iterations of “you are doing a great job” were vital. Look – most people aren’t going to get into every school they apply to and there will be a definite hit to confidence at some point in the process. Katy is a pro at managing that and keeping you moving.

6. Organization and Calendar: I decided to apply to business schools at a very late point in the year and needed to cram to get the GMAT and applications done (while working in finance). Katy’s process schedule/ calendar adherence to it was extremely helpful for me.

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     By anilorac16 0 0
This review is for: mbaMission Hourly Services
Consultant: Jessica Shklar

Jessica was an outstanding admissions consultant and her effectiveness, guidance and straightforward counseling gave me the confidence and support to put my best self forward during the admissions process.

I decided to try out a free half-hour consultation with MBA Mission and picked Jessica - in the half hour that we spoke, I gained more insight and guidance in my candidacy as an MBA applicant than I had gained from anybody else combined. She provided feedback on my career goals and told me I needed more specificity, explained what about my background was unique, and shared gaps that she felt could use improvement.

I decided to buy an hourly package from Jessica and spent two hours - one on my resume, and one on my dream school essay. For my resume, Jessica helped my achievements shine through recommendations for a format and how to bring out and articulate impact that I had in my work, as well as helping me consider what helped me stand out next to my peer group. Her resume editing help was second to none, and it truly helped distinguish me from other candidates during the application process AND the interview process, because I had a resume to talk about that I was so excited about!

And for essay feedback - WOW! In only one hour of essay feedback, Jessica was able to help me bring out the best parts of my story through her thoughtful questions and suggestions. I truly believe that her expertise and, truly, her GIFT is in helping you see the best parts of your writing and ideas and bringing that out.

Did I mention how fast Jessica is? She packs SO much knowledge and insight into every single interaction and every single email. She helped me move quickly at a time for me when every hour was crucial - she went above and beyond to get back to me quickly.

I ended up with over $160K in scholarships from two top 5 schools and an admission to my #1 dream school. I couldn't be happier with my experience. Thank you Jessica!

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By LilienT 0 0
This review is for: mbaMission * School Packages
Consultant: Angela Guido

When I was first looking for an MBA consultant all I was asking myself was “Who will get me into a top 10 MBA program?” Having gone through the process successfully, I now know that this wasn’t the right question to ask. Writing successful MBA applications is about understanding who you truly are and connecting the dots in your life meaningfully to tell your story in a compelling and authentic way. The key to unlock the full potential of this insight, to me, was Angela.

I initially connected with Angela because her post-MBA career path was similar to what I was looking to pursue so I thought we would be a good match. Within a few minutes of our first conversation I knew she was the right consultant for me – blunt, honest, fair, fun and easy to talk to; the kind of person who keeps you positive and relaxed as you explore the tough and fundamental questions in your life that are crucial to answer to build a strong MBA application.

After the initial assessment we decided it would be best to defer my application by a year and give me time to grow professionally. To maximize my additional time, I started to work with Angela as my career coach. What started off as a laundry list of things I enjoy, tasks I hate, successes, failures, attributes and values, turned into a deep insight into my purpose and motivations in life. Angela helped me to seek and create opportunities at work that I would thrive in, which in turn made me feel more confident, raised my profile with senior managers and eventually landed me a promotion.

As we transitioned into essay writing for my applications, we were in a good shape: We knew where I was in life, why I was there, where I wanted to be and how the MBA fit into this equation. What fascinated me about Angela at this stage was her ability to take random anecdotes from my life and draw very meaningful and accurate insights of my character. Because Angela had done such an incredible job to help me find and use my inner voice and realize what I really wanted in a career and why, most essay and interview questions became very easy to answer. Even then, her care for getting the best out of me constantly pushed me to do an even better job.

I interviewed with LBS, IESE, Booth and Kellogg, got admitted to all four schools and held a scholarship from two. Ironically, Angela was the one to suggest applying to these four schools. It was on her insistence that particularly one of them would be truly right for me that I explored these options, and I could not be any happier or more grateful for the outcome. In hindsight, I can see why Angela was pushing for these schools over my initial choices.

I am walking away from my experience with Angela with not only a spot at an elite MBA program that is right for me, but also more confidence in my abilities and a deeper level of self-awareness that will be invaluable going into the MBA and beyond. I was looking for an MBA consultant to get me into a top program – little did I know that with Angela I was going to find a mentor, an inspirer, a cheerleader, and most importantly, a friend who I truly enjoyed sharing this very unique journey with. For that and more I will forever be indebted.

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Highly Recommended
August 31 | 2016
reviewer identity verified by score report
     By eedaley332 0 0
This review is for: mbaMission * School Packages
Consultant: Kate Richardson

My experience with Kate was great. She did an amazing job of helping to bring out all of my key attributes through the different areas of my application. She was able to recognize key qualities in my story that I otherwise would not have deemed important to include. Furthermore, she identified pieces of my application that could be replaced with an accomplishment not yet stated when they were already mentioned elsewhere. This really helped me to maximize the limited space.

When it comes to my resume, she has made an impact well beyond that of a grad school application. The majority of my listed accomplishments did not initially show the level of success or the impact that they made. She really challenged me to rework the content in way that made my resume much more meaningful. My biggest struggle was having the ability to communicate in a succinct way to stay within the word or character limits. Kate was able to take long, detailed paragraphs and help me turn them into clear and concise points that showed action to outcome. This will be a lasting benefit on both my resume and my ability to communicate more effectively.

Lastly, she convinced me to add a personal touch to my resume. I now realize this is an important aspect, especially for schools that place a high value on community involvement and collaboration.

I couldn’t have done it without her!

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By 0 0
Consultant: Angela Guido

I appreciate Angela and mbaMission for the amount of resources she provides. I started on this journey, very unsure on where to start. Angela got me on track. Through her exercise, "Exploring Your Experiences", it forced me to acknowledge my accomplishments, my failures, things that bring me joy and things that make me miserable. She also proved Resume help, discussed how to think about Essay writing, and even networking! She covers all the bases on what you need to become a successful applicant. I don't think I would be able to do this on my own. If you are on the journey to pursuing your MBA, I HIGHLY recommend Angela and mbaMission. You won't be disappointed :)

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reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By cay3georgetown 0 0
This review is for: mbaMission * School Packages
Consultant: Katharine Lewis

I wouldn't have been accepted to business school without Katy's advice and perspective. I only applied to two schools (HBS and Stanford) in the 2nd round, as a re-applicant and was accepted by HBS (interview at GSB). Katy understood and explained how I ought to polish my application (no major career changes in the yr).

Katy's brainstorming pre-work and interview advice were particularly helpful. Her pre-work exercise formed the basis of my essays. Her interview practice (the guides along with her voice-over) were invaluable perspective for what to expect, how to frame the conversation and how to best position my experiences.

Big thanks to Katy - would highly recommend to any of my friends/ family.

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By dlas83 0 0
This review is for: mbaMission Hourly Services
Consultant: John Sisk

I found mbaMission through its affiliation with Manhattan Prep, the company I used for my GMAT preparation. Initially, I didn’t plan on hiring a consultant since I was applying to only one school, but after spending several stressful weeks drafting my essays I decided to change course. I selected John based on the very productive 30 minute free consult I had with him.

John's in-depth understanding of who our audience was, the AdCom, and what they were looking for, was a key component to the process that I would not have been able to figure out on my own. Through our discussions, I was able to create focused, well-rounded essays that told my story in a clear and concise way.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of working with John was one that I didn’t initially envision when I hired him - review of my resume. Going into the admissions process, I was pretty happy with it since I had used it on several interviews and assumed it didn’t need many modifications. John recommended I simplify the technical language so as to make it easier for a non-finance person (as the AdCom reviewers might be) to understand. Together we went about simplifying the layout and highlighting some of the more notable accomplishments of my career, which undoubtedly played a part in my acceptance to NYU Stern. I truly belive I wouldn't have gotten in without John's help.

I highly recommend mbaMission and John Sisk to anyone going through the admissions process. While the cost may seem high, I believe it’s worth every penny!

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By cveuthey 0 5
Consultant: Angela Guido

As a part of Forte's 2015 MBALaunch class, for women preparing to apply to business school, Angela is ever-present. She's the main speaker on at least 6 webinars during the 10-month program, and covers some of the most important material: how to think about the whole MBA application process; how to determine which schools are a good fit; how to tell your story via your resume and your essays; how to communicate your career goals clearly. Angela is clearly having fun, all the while being very candid about her own experience and the mistakes she made. It's hard not to feel like she's definitely on your team and rooting for you, real solace during the long slog of applications. She provides a raft of free, awesome content on her Career Protocol blog, too!
But don't be deceived: she keeps it real, and will give it to you straight if you're being delusional or if your resume needs some serious work. I signed up for mbaMission's free 30-min consultation, and she is just the same one-on-one as she is on a webinar destined for 500 people: generous, enthusiastic, authentic, and unsparing in her constructive criticism.

The Forte program has been amazing for a number of reasons: the accountability, the support, the community of Launchers, the access to Admissions staff and insider knowledge about schools. Angela is a crucial part of the package.

*note that I have not yet applied or been admitted to any business schools, but gmatclub seems to require that I enter a school in order to post this review!*

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Thank you mbaMission!
August 16 | 2016
reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By anonymous12 0 0
This review is for: mbaMission * School Packages
Consultant: Angela Guido

As most MBA applicants quickly realize, the application process requires a ton of soul searching. Angela’s greatest strength was her ability to guide me through that process. She was able to quickly understand all the twists and turns in my career and what each decision revealed about my underlying values (and how those values have evolved over time). Independent of the outcome of the application process, I found that the process of deep self-reflection was extremely helpful and rewarding.

Angela was also incredibly helpful with the tactical steps required to complete the application. From guiding me on how to write a business school resume to sharing how what I was writing might come across to an admissions officer, it was extremely comforting knowing that I had an expert on my side. Ultimately, I couldn’t be more pleased with the result, as I got into my top two choices that I applied to.

Thank you Angela!

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By hyacinthgirl 0 0
Consultant: Angela Guido

I’ve had the fortune of working with Angela through the Forté MBA Launch program. She led a number of webinars and workshops on resume, essays, interview prep, and storytelling for MBA applications. In these sessions, Angela shared her knowledge about each aspect of the MBA admissions process with honesty, energy, humor, and thoughtfulness. She has created a number of very useful tools and protocols to navigate each stage of the process, like the Explore Your Experiences Toolkit (

In her workshop on storytelling Angela asked participants to conduct mock interviews with partners, addressing professional successes and failures. We went through the exercise several times, incorporating new tactics into our responses after each run. Angela offered concrete methods for developing our answers into stories with a structured narrative arch. She helped me to transform the raw details of my professional experience into succinct, interesting responses for short essays and interviews.

In each of her workshops and webinars, Angela emphasizes the importance of developing an authentic connection with the admissions committee through effective storytelling. Each of her workshops encourages productive and useful self-reflection. Her protocols helped me to source a number of ideas for my applications. At times the MBA application process can feel overwhelming, but Angela’s approach combines creativity and introspection with efficiency and structure. Her MBA Resume Protocol ( perfectly demonstrates this combination. I dare you to get through it without learning something new about yourself! An unexpected benefit of working with Angela is that I now have even greater conviction about my decision to pursue an MBA and my short- and long-term career goals.

tl;dr Work with Angela Guido at mbaMission and get empowered to tackle the MBA application process!

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