The New GMAT: Integrated Reasoning Preview

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By Lucas Weingarten

The new section of the GMAT, called Integrated Reasoning, is going live on June 5, 2012. While we here at Kaplan implore everyone in the free world to take the GMAT before this date, we are hard at work preparing for the test change so we can start training our bar-setting students to blow it out of the water when the time comes.

In a series of four short posts, I am going to focus on the new question formats that comprise the twelve Integrated Reasoning questions test takers will see in the new section. In part 1, we’ll have a look at Graphic Interpretation questions. But before we get into it, here are some FYI question specification bullet points I found here on

  • A given prompt, or question setup, may have multiple questions.
  • All answer choices for a single question are presented on the same screen.
  • Test takers respond to each question before moving to the next question prompt. Once a question has been answered, candidate cannot return and change the answer.
  • Narrative prompts (text on tabs) are approximately 300 words or fewer.
  • Answer options will not provide information or clues that help test takers solve other questions.
  • A single prompt may provide the information to solve several questions, but the questions are independent of one another. Test takers do not have to answer one question correctly to be able to answer another.

For additional information on the New GMAT, Kaplan has set up a dedicated website at Have a look now and revisit often to stay up to date on the latest New GMAT news. Also, be sure to come back to our blog for the IR question exposé series.

2/29/2012 - Now that all the posts in this series are live, here is a list with links:

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