The New GMAT: Integrated Reasoning, pt. 4

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By Lucas Weingarten

In our final post of the New GMAT Integrated Reasoning question format series, we are going to dive into the fourth of four new question formats test takers will see as of June 2012: Multi-Source Reasoning. Previously, we looked at Graphic Interpretation and Two-Part Analysis question formats; two of the four new formats GMAT test takers will see in the upcoming Integrated Reasoning section. In this post, we will continue our new format probe with an examination of Table Analysis questions.

From the test maker’s website regarding Multi-Source Reasoning questions:

“Click on the page to reveal different data and discern which data you need to answer the question.”

My first impression of Multi-Source Reasoning questions: wow. Out of the four new formats, MSRs are, for me at least, the most interesting, the most unique, and perhaps the most challenging. They remind me of assessment centers, actually. If you have ever participated in one of these performance evaluation/selection tools, I think you will agree that the MSR questions bear notable similarities to the activities within assessment center work simulations.

Ultimately, however, although the packaging may be novel the question types are not. In the first of seven examples GMAC has posted for you, each of the three questions associated with an email exchange are inference questions. You will find inference questions all over the GMAT Verbal section in both Reading Comprehension and Critical Reasoning question types. Here, in the MSR format, test makers force you to mix quantitative assessment with critical reasoning and strategic reading skills.

This post brings our Integrated Reasoning New Question Format Series to a close, but the conversation is by no means over. For more information on the New GMAT, please visit our dedicated website ( and keep coming back for more on our GMAT Blog. Always nice to have you over for a visit!

2/29/2012 - Now that all the posts in this series are live, here is a list with links:

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