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9 Questions with GMAT Club Member, Tsinghua MBA Program Reviewed in Detail, My Road to Oxford SBS and INSEAD

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MBA 9 Questions with a GMAT Club Member - interviews with Fuqua, Cornell & Oxford Class of 2012 students China's Tsinghua MBA Program Reviewed in Detail - a bit of advice you won't find elsewhere My Road to Oxford SBS & INSEAD - my experience and how I...

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GMATClub’s GMAT Toolkit for iPhone is #12 on the iTunes What’s Hot List, Math Trick for Adding Time Quickly, GMAT Study Tip: Play Chess, Guide to the GMAT Official Guide, GMAT Discounts

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SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS GMATClub's GMAT Toolkit for iPhone is #12 on the iTunes What's Hot List That's #12 of all the iTunes in the world...we are very honored and happy - thank you for your support! GMAT Math Trick for adding hours & minutes together quickly GMAT Study Tip: Play Chess -...

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Average MBA Salaries Years After Graduation, Your Favorite B-School Application, Transferring into JD/MBA programs as a 1L, A special Thank You Note to Chicago Booth, International applicant coming to the US with a wife – now what?

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Average MBA Salaries Years After Graduation - at graduation and after 5, 10, 15 and 20 years Your Favorite B-School Application - what school had the most/least favorite essay questions? Transferring into a JD/MBA Program as a 1L - how does it work? International Applicant coming to the US...

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GMAT Diagnostic Test, GMAT Experience & Tips : 760 (51Q, 44V, 6.0 AWA), How to Get 6.0 AWA, Timing Strategies on the GMAT

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GMAT Experience & Tips - 760 (51Q, 44V, 6.0 AWA) How to Get 6.0 AWA - strategies to help you boost your score Timing Strategies on the GMAT - you have less than 2 minutes per question GMAT Diagnostic Test - understand your weaknesses in Quant

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MBA Day Camp – 10% off from GMAT Club, 9 Questions with a GMAT Club Member, Veritas Prep Annual Reports, B-School Application: Disclosing Information, Recommendation Letters, Admitted to Top B-Schools with Low GMAT or Low GPA

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9 Questions with a GMATClub Member - looking for volunteers for Class of 2012 candidates Veritas Prep Annual Reports - free Business School Guides Disclosing Information on B-School Apps - how did you handle the personal questions? Recommendation Letters - how do you ask your supervisor for a...

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Best Knewton Discount: $329, MBA Trivia Test: Win a Veritas Prep GMAT Course, Video Tour of the GMAT Testing Center, Can’t Do Verbal GMAT?, AWA Compilations

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Here are some of the best forum posts from this past week: SPECIAL OFFERS & ANNOUNCEMENTS Knewton Discount: $329 Savings: $100 Knewton Discount + $150 Valentine's Day Discount + $79 Discount on GMAT Club Tests MBA Day Camp - find out if MBA is right for you and GMAT Club members...

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Financial Times Global MBA Rankings, Comprehensive USA Rankings, Comprehensive International Rankings, MBA Interview Tips and Experiences, Best Resume/CV Format, Template, and Tips, B-School Application Journey

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NAME THAT BUSINESS SCHOOL Easy Test - compare your results with others here. Hard Test - compare your results with others here. GLOBAL MBA RANKINGS 2010 Financial Times - the Financial Times is a UK publication and in it's latest ranking report, LBS is ranked #1 globally, with schools like INSEAD, IE, and HKUST also coming...

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Veritas Prep & GMAT Club Discount, GMAT Pill 12% Discount, GMAT Club Essay Review Pilot, Name that Business School Fun Test

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Here are some of the best forum posts from this past week and two special offers: SPECIAL OFFERS & ANNOUNCEMENTS Veritas Prep - 10% discount on all GMAT courses and consulting + get complete GMATClub test access when you sign up using GMATClub's link. GMATClub Pilot: Essay Review/Feedback We are...

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Weight Gain during the B-School Applications, Advice for Class of 2013 Applicants, Guide to Recruiting and Schmoozing

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MBA: Weight Gain during the B-School Application Process - how much weight did you gain/lose? Advice for Class of 2013 Applicants - what should you do to strengthen your application?  Guide to Recruiting & Schmoozing - recruiting strategy, etiquette at events, manners & procedures for sit-down meals, proper attire for events,...

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Save $79 with Knewton and GMAT Club, Comprehensive GMAT Idioms List, Trouble with Quant?, Should you Retake the GMAT?

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SPECIAL OFFER: Save $79 with Knewton & GMATClub - sign up for a Knewton course and get: $79 Discount on GMATClub Tests (you get them for FREE) Use Promotion Code "GC-Knewton-GMAT" - see this post for more details. GMAT: Comprehensive GMAT Idioms List - know what idioms will be on GMAT. Trouble...

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