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Hope for Those that Struggle: Accepted!!, CBS Interview Preparation, Essay Word Count, Leveraging a Scholarship, Careers Leading to Asia

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Hope for those that struggled - ACCEPTED! CBS Interview Preparation - tips and information to help you Essay Word Count - how close do you stick to the limit? Leveraging a Scholarship - is it a good idea and how do you do it? Careers Leading to Asia -...

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Geometry Formulas, Understanding Coordinate Geometry, What is a Gerand?, 760 (Q50, V42): My Experience

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Geometry Formulas - excellent spreadsheet to reference Coordinate Geometry - simplified to help you understand Gerunds - what are they and how to spot one 760 (Q50, V42) - my GMAT experience

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Extracurricular Activities on your B-School Application, H/W/S Selection Criteria, H1/F1 Conversion/ General Student Visa Questions

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MBA Extracurricular Activities - which ones should you talk about? H/W/S Selection Criteria - learn what they are looking for in their applicants H1/F1 Conversion / General Student Visa Questions - how to convert your visa and other answers

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Collection of GMAT Experiences, Stopwatch and Countdown Timer, Critical Reasoning, Building Up GMAT Vocab…one email at a time, GMAT Math Tips and Notes, 790, 51q/51v

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GMAT Collection of GMAT Experiences - read some of the best GMAT stories Critical Reasoning - shortcuts and notes to help you prepare Build Up Your GMAT Vocab - word a day email services Math Tips and Notes - a collection of helpful tips 790, 51q/51v - hear what this GMAT Instructor...

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A Shrewd Undergraduate’s Guide to HBS Admissions, Asking Your Boss to Write Multiple Recommendations?, Sterny’s Guide to the Application Process, Which Schools have Grade Non-Disclosure

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MBA Guide to HBS Admissions - tips from the founder of Multiple Recommendations from the Same Boss? - how many is too much Sterny's Guide to the Application Process - lessons learned, nuances, mistakes and feedback Which Schools have Grade Non-Disclosure? - see the list and hear why

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10% Discount from Manhattan Review, GRE and GMAT Score Comparison Tool, What is the “target” correct answers to get ~700?, Sentence Correction, Math: Standard Deviation, Mixture Problems – I collected from GMAT Club, My Journey with Knewton, My GMAT Journey, 570 (Q30, V38) to 760 (Q49, V44) in 3 months (long)

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Here are some of the top forum posts from this past week: GMAT ToolKit has been updated to include 236 additional questions from Manhattan Review Now when you sign up with Manhattan Review, you will get 10% discount and free access to the GMAT Club Tests GMAT GRE and GMAT Score Comparison...

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Why MBA?, LBS vs HEC: Specialized Masters in Management, Investment Banking Interviews for Dummies, NYC Meet-Up for MBA Applicants

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MBA Why MBA? - one of the hardest application questions to answer LBS vs HEC - which is better for a specialized masters in management Investment Banking Interviews for Dummies - frequently asked questions NYC Meet-Up for MBA Applicants - helpful coordinating tips

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Quant Syllabus for GMAT, Idioms Test, GMAT RC vs LSAT RC, My Experience with GMAT: Share your Story

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GMAT Quant Syllabus for GMAT - a great list to help you practice everything Idioms Test - questions pulled from the MGMAT SC Volume GMAT RC vs LSAT RC - how do the two compare? My Experience with GMAT - enjoy my story over a cup of coffee

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What not to do during a class visit…, Auditing vs. Taxation, Stupidest thing you/interviewer have said in an interview, Low Undergrad GPA Success Stories, Asking your Employer for a Recommendation?

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MBA What Not to do During a Class Visit - rule #1...Do Not Participate Auditing vs Taxation - do you need a Masters in Taxation or will a MACC suffice? Stupidest Thing You/Interviewer have said in an Interview - tell your story Low Undergrad GPA Success Stories - share...

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Math Shortcuts for Quant, Taking the GMAT at age 43…help!, Math: Factorials

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GMAT Math Shortcuts for Quant - get the help you need to improve your score Taking the GMAT at 43 - how should a 40 year old study for the GMAT? Math: Factorials - two important things to know if you are aiming for 700+ GMAT Club Exclusive: get...

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