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Enrich your Application with Photocopies

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Photocopies are duplicates of materials written about you / to you by a third party. For example: distinction letter, performance evaluation document, news article, magazine interview, thank you letter. While admission committees do not request this, you may translate and/or photocopy 1-3 effective documents and send them...

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5 Days Only: Get 10-20% off of Precision Essay Services

By - Jul 12, 10:00 AM   Comments [2]

I know I’m not alone in wondering how July 11th has snuck up on us so quickly. It seems like only yesterday I was digging myself out from under 4 feet of snow, and now the summer is nearly halfway over…. …and application deadlines for 2012...

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How Do You Know What B-Schools Want? Do Your Social Media Homework

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When it comes to MBA applications, you know exactly what you want—an acceptance letter. But it’s much trickier to figure out what an admissions officer wants. Of course, a high GPA and GMAT score are important, as are recommendations and work experience. But if you’re...

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MBA News Roundup: Studying for your MBA… on Facebook?

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You already hang out on Facebook, but did you know it could get you closer to your MBA? This week's roundup covers a social networking study program, one student's sustainable summer internship experience, and admissions tips from Ross School of Business. 1. Business School Unveils "Facebook...

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MBA Admissions Tip: Top 5 Resume Mistakes

By - Nov 5, 09:00 AM   Comments [0]

This post comes to us from Igor Khayet, President and Founder of My Resume Shop. As a former admissions interviewer for the Yale School of Management and owner of a career services company, I have seen hundreds of resumes targeted for admission into business school. Sometimes,...

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MBA News Roundup: Wharton Grads, Social Entrepreneurship, and the Power of Networking

By - Oct 15, 07:00 AM   Comments [0]

This week's MBA roundup from Knewton highlights the improved job outlook for b-school grads as well as the growing trend of working for a social cause.  Be sure to check out the admissions Q&A with University  of Texas for tips on how to stand out...

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MSA Programs, HBS, MBA Jokes, 2010 MBA Rankings, Recommendation Letter, B-School Application

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MSA Programs Recruitment - who is recruiting and what are they looking for? 510 and Admitted to HBS - how important is your GMAT score? Best MBA Jokes - do you have one to share? Storytelling - a collection of good storytelling advice 2010 MBA Rankings - updated rankings...

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Inspiring You Tube Videos, B-School Application, US Military Fall 2011 Applicants, Booth Finance

By - Sep 23, 09:50 AM   Comments [0]

B-School Application - how much do you exaggerate? US Military Fall 2011 Applicants - master thread Booth Finance - compensation packages after graduation Inspiring You Tube Videos – Updated Weekly - Inside the HBS Case method, Bill Gates’ speech, and the next Lebron James

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A Shrewd Undergraduate’s Guide to HBS Admissions, Asking Your Boss to Write Multiple Recommendations?, Sterny’s Guide to the Application Process, Which Schools have Grade Non-Disclosure

By - Mar 15, 10:49 AM   Comments [0]

MBA Guide to HBS Admissions - tips from the founder of Multiple Recommendations from the Same Boss? - how many is too much Sterny's Guide to the Application Process - lessons learned, nuances, mistakes and feedback Which Schools have Grade Non-Disclosure? - see the list and hear why

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Average MBA Salaries Years After Graduation, Your Favorite B-School Application, Transferring into JD/MBA programs as a 1L, A special Thank You Note to Chicago Booth, International applicant coming to the US with a wife – now what?

By - Feb 14, 15:04 PM   Comments [0]

Average MBA Salaries Years After Graduation - at graduation and after 5, 10, 15 and 20 years Your Favorite B-School Application - what school had the most/least favorite essay questions? Transferring into a JD/MBA Program as a 1L - how does it work? International Applicant coming to the US...

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