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MBA Day Camp – 10% off from GMAT Club, 9 Questions with a GMAT Club Member, Veritas Prep Annual Reports, B-School Application: Disclosing Information, Recommendation Letters, Admitted to Top B-Schools with Low GMAT or Low GPA

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9 Questions with a GMATClub Member - looking for volunteers for Class of 2012 candidates Veritas Prep Annual Reports - free Business School Guides Disclosing Information on B-School Apps - how did you handle the personal questions? Recommendation Letters - how do you ask your supervisor for a...

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Weight Gain during the B-School Applications, Advice for Class of 2013 Applicants, Guide to Recruiting and Schmoozing

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MBA: Weight Gain during the B-School Application Process - how much weight did you gain/lose? Advice for Class of 2013 Applicants - what should you do to strengthen your application?  Guide to Recruiting & Schmoozing - recruiting strategy, etiquette at events, manners & procedures for sit-down meals, proper attire for events,...

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B-School Humor, Debrief from a First Year at Duke, GMATClub Class of 2010 – Where are they going list?, Ask a PhD Grad

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B-School Humor - a collection of humerous posts about B-School life and the application process Debrief from a first year at Duke - a current Fuqua student shares his experience GMATClub Class of 2010 - where are they going after B-School? Ask a PhD Grad - ask someone...

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Over-enthusiastic Recommenders, Sterny’s Guide to B-School Application, the Evolution of your B-School Pursuit

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Over-Enthusiastic Recommenders - do they help or hinder you? Sterny's Guide to B-School Application - how to focus and select your target schools The Evolution of your B-School Pursuit - how has your B-School plan evolved?

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Fall 2010 Chicago Book Applicants, The True Value to your MBA, What to do if your significant other won’t move, Guide to Interviewing, Compiled Interview Questions

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Chicago Booth 2010: Pros & Cons The True Value of your MBA: What are you giving up and how long is it going to take to pay off? Married/Committed Couples: What to do if your significant other won't move? Guide to Interviewing: Know what interviewers are assessing Compiled Interview...

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R2 Essay Writing Do’s & Don’t(s), Top 50 MBA Schools – Rating Table, 7 Phases of B-School Application, Zoom Interviews Discount, Veritas Prep Discount

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R2 Essay Writing - Do's & Don't(s) Top 50 MBA Schools - Rating Table 7 Phases of B-School Application - What to Expect after the GMAT Zoom Interviews Offering MBA interview preparation products and services, including video examples and interview tips. GMATClub has partnered with Zoom Interviews and...

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Business School Knowledge Vault, Business School Application Process

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B-School Knowledge Vault - moderators manage all threads to bring you the most useful discussion links. Application Process: what stage are you at? - what is your happiness level?

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Business School application season costs, GMAT Clubbers’ NYC meetup – GMAT Club

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How much did this Business School application season cost you? See estimates made by our members. Join fellow GMAT Clubbers during the New York City meetup. The event is scheduled on February 16.

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R2 Business School application volume, waitlist strategies – GMAT Club

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Has the Business School application volume really fallen in R2? Read more in our forum. What are your waitlist strategies? Get some waitlist advice here.

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What to do after MBA, living expenses estimates – GMAT Club

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Do you really know what you want to do after you get MBA? See the poll results and comments regarding the issue in the forum. What are the estimates of the living expenses during your MBA? Of course it depends on location greatly, but here are...

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