Kaplan’s 3 tips for your last week before the GMAT

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Once test-takers reach the final week before the GMAT, they are often unsure of the best way to utilize their remaining study time. Luckily, a few strategies exist that can ensure you maximize the effectiveness of your final week of studying.

First off, aim to take two practice tests during the week. Usually, taking one test six days before your exam and another three days before your exam works well. Make sure to write the essays, even if you are confident in your writing abilities, in order to prepare for the length of the real test. The GMATPrep software, available on mba.com, is a good source for these tests. Be sure to thoroughly review each test that you take—learning from mistakes you made under realistic conditions is one of the most effective preparation strategies, particularly in the run up to test day!

Next, make sure to reinforce your strengths. You have most likely spent most of your study time focusing on your weaknesses. While this is certainly appropriate, you want to use the last week before the exam to make sure that you do not miss questions in your strongest areas. Go back and do a few sets of practice problems in areas in which you score well, and you will ensure that you will not miss questions you should be getting right on test day.

Lastly, the day before the test you should avoid studying. Unlike most tests you have taken, the GMAT is not a test of content, and cramming will not work. On test day, you want to make sure that you are not burnt out from studying. Therefore, do something relaxing the day before your test. This could be going to a movie, shopping or any other activity that will help you take your mind off the test.

By keeping these guidelines in mind, you should get the most out of your last week of studying and you will be ready to perform at your highest ability on the GMAT.
~Bret Ruber

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