How Do You Create a Great MBA Application?

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DARE to submit great applications

You’re dreaming of a career that excites you. You’re aspiring to MBA programs that will launch you towards that career.

But how do you get from your stats to your story?

How do you build an application that portrays you at your best and as a perfect match for the schools you are aiming for?

You D.A.R.E.

DARE is Accepted’s 4-step strategy for approaching the MBA application and providing a foundation for an application that presents you as a multi-dimensional individual who shows fit with the program you are applying to.

The 4 steps for building a successful application strategy

Step 1: Determine what you want the schools to know

Step 2: Assess what information the school asks for and where

Step 3: Relate what you want the school to know to what it is asking for

Step 4: Establish the structure for your MBA application

Watch the video above for more details on how to accomplish each of these steps. Once you have this foundational strategy, build on it with effective tactics. Learn what not to do as well as what to do by reading the 5 Fatal Flaws to Avoid in Your MBA Application Essays.

And what better way to reach your MBA admissions goals than to work with a personal coach? At Accepted, you’ll get matched with an expert admissions advisor who will guide you through the MBA admissions process towards acceptance. Learn more when you explore our MBA Application Consulting & Editing Services.

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