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Harvard MBA Deadlines

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Harvard business school is the first among the top-notch B-schools to release its deadlines for September 2023 intake. The essays for the upcoming information haven’t changed at all.

Here is a snapshot of the article-

HARVARD MBA deadlines- How can you apply for enrollment?

The MBA Class of 2025 (involving college autumn 2023) has the following Harvard MBA application deadlines:

Harvard MBA Application Harvard MBA Deadlines for Online Application due by Noon Boston Time Admission Board Decision
Round 1 07 Sep 2022 08 Dec 2022
Round 2 04 Jan 2023 29 March 2023

The Harvard MBA application period for the Class of 2025 will begin in June 2022. Round 2 will review applications submitted after September 7, 2022. After January 4, 2023, no Harvard MBA applications will be entertained.

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Harvard MBA Essays for 2022-23

Harvard Business School has just one essay question, and that too without any word limit-

“As we review your application, what more would you like us to know as we consider your candidacy for the Harvard Business School MBA Program?” (no word limit)

 As easy as this question looks like, it’s one of the most difficult to crack. Because it is a very open-ended question (with no boundaries at all), you will have to be very careful of what all aspects you need to touch upon in this essay (goals, why MBA, achievements, failures, ECs, etc.). Along with this, you will need to make sure that you don’t go wild with the length of this one. The question is without word limit to not restrict applicants but trusts us, adcoms do not like to read too much about anyone's life. Hence, you will need to be very impactful and relevant.

You must bring out a few aspects in this essay question-

  1. Very strong leadership potential

  2. Impact in the community you have been part of

  3. By aligning your personality with the values that Harvard stands on, you can read more about the values that Harvard Business school looks for and how you can impact your application.

List of Documents Required- HARVARD MBA requirements

To apply to Harvard Business School, you must gather and prepare several resources that will assist the school in evaluating your qualifications. Please keep in mind that all materials must be submitted to HBS online before the Harvard MBA deadlines. The following is a glimpse of what you should be preparing.

  • Transcript(s)


  • TOEFL/IELTS/Pearson Test of English (PTE)/Duolingo English Test

  • Essay

  • Recommendations (2)

  • Resume

  • Acceptance of Policies

  • Fee


The tuition price for the MBA class of 2022 at Harvard Business School was around $68,440. As a result, before seeking an MBA at HBS, a comprehensive plan and a solid application letter are essential to assuring admission.

HBS offers more than 800-900 separate annual scholarships to students who qualify according to their requirements despite the hefty tuition rates.

How to ace your HARVARD MBA application? - Strategies from MBA and Beyond's Consulting team.

To ace any application, you need to have a strong understanding of what the b-school is looking for, its culture, and its community to make a strong case for how you will be a good fit for the school’s community and impact. You can read more about HBS, what it looks for in an applicant, its class profile, employment statistics, and much more here.

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A business school like Harvard has a very slim acceptance rate, and to get into it, you need to know what the b-school is looking for, and in doing so, you need to network with alums, current students, and experts who have a strong understanding of HBS. Our consultants have helped many applicants get into M7 and other top-notch business schools with huge scholarships. If you’d like, we are happy to hop on a 1:1 call with you and help you strategize your MBA applications to your target schools.