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You’re Not Seventeen Anymore, So Why Is Does Your MBA Personal Statement Read Like the One You Used For College?

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We can all remember the good ol' days of high school, when our college counselor helped us write a Personal Statement to get into (or NOT get into!) our dream school. It was supposed to have a clever hook, maybe be a little zany, lean heavily on "showing your true self" etc, etc.
Now, 5 (or 10, 15, or 20) years later, you're applying for graduate / professional school and think, "hey, I did this once before, let's run it back!" Terrible idea.

In terms of tone, content, and focus, the Personal Statement you're writing now should be fundamentally different than the one you wrote in high school. In this video, I break down the how and why, and give some insights into how you can write a more mature, interesting, compelling, and focused essay.
Though this video was written with PhD and Masters applicants in mind, many of the same concepts are germane to MBA applications.

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