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B-Schooled Podcast Episode #143: 10 Things to Consider 6 Months Before Applying (Part 1)

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This B-Schooled podcast is designed for MBA aspirants who have six months (or more) before their applications are due. In addition to offering suggestions about how to present your scores, essays, resume, and recommendations in the best possible light, this episode offers specific suggestions on how to use the months ahead to improve the SUBSTANCE of these elements before the application deadline.

– Do you want to go for a promotion or a title change at work?
– Is now the time to take on a new professional/leadership challenge?
– Should you consider deepening your volunteer/extracurricular activities between now and when you apply?

To set you up for success, we offer five sets of suggestions to help you:

1. Think about your application as a journey of self-discovery that can teach you important lessons about yourself.
2. Begin work on your short- and long-term goals now.
3. Rework your resume with a focus on quantifying impact.
4. Rework your resume with a focus on adding important context behind your numbers, and
5. Set professional and extracurricular stretch goals to complete between now and the time you apply.

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