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Joined: 16 Apr 2019
Posts: 51
Location: India
Concentration: Entrepreneurship, Marketing
GMAT 1: 730 Q50 V38
GMAT 2: 740 Q49 V41
GPA: 4
WE: Information Technology (Computer Software)
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New post 17 Sep 2019, 01:24
Age : 24
School : 10th - 10/10, 12th : 88%
College : B.E in IT (From a premier college in India) - 7.25 CGPA
GMAT : 750
Work Ex: Currently 2 Years in Wipro as a project Engineer(Total Workex 2 years entirely for wipro, 3 years at joining)
Have worked with remote and mutlicultural teams for clients like Microsoft and Electrolux
Currently working for a different client, in which I lead a team of 8 for a subproduct(Main Product is different).(Decided not to switch companies because of this subproduct is my brainchild)
Founder of The Earthlings(soon to be legal ngo in around a month): Helped over 450 Burmese refuges in Hyderabad with ration, food, and women wellness. Currently working on rainwater harvesting due
to acute shortage in india and next is would be to help slum children with education.
Part of the logistics team during cultural and technical fests.
Batch Captain for Basketball team in college, won once, 1 time runner up, 2 time quarterfinalist

More : have research paper published regarding networks

Post MBA Goals : Want to learn how to get a product out, preference is Marketing, consulting second choice. In 3-4 years i want to open up an organization as I have great technical team(colleagues and friends) behind me.
Need a college with good marketing reputation, entrepreneurial infra, and community presence.

Dream would be LBS, Duke and Ross(Maybe Rotterdam too). Preference is outside US, but I think 2 year mba is more suited to me
Where do I have realistic chance of getting in?
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Joined: 30 Nov 2009
Posts: 6497
Location: Chicago, IL
Schools: Brown University, Harvard Business School
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New post 18 Sep 2019, 18:47
Congratulations on your high GMAT score and some pretty impressive academic achievements! While you've certainly laid out a lot of great candidate attributes here both on the academic/professional/civic engagement front, I'd really have to know more to really coach you on your candidacy. What sorts of things do you intend to write about in your essays? What are your post-MBA ambitions, specifically, in marketing or consulting? What about in the long term? How can you tie future proficiency in these areas to your existing expertise developed at Wipro? What do you do for fun and what kind of community member will you be as a MBA student and Alum?

You likely already know this, but at the schools you mentioned (LBS, Fuqua, Ross, etc.), admissions for Indian men coming from IT backgrounds are particularly fierce. This is due in large part to the sheer number of candidates applying with very similar backgrounds for just a few spots. Ross and Fuqua are usually around 30-40 non-US international students. Of those, a minority are Indian. These Indian students come from diverse professional backgrounds (not just tech and IT) and represent Indians who worked outside of India previously (e.g., other parts of Asia, Europe, Africa). Men apply at higher rates than women but the accepted student gender ratio is more even. All of this is to say that applying as an Indian male from IT from India is tough stuff. It is absolutely imperative that you have a memorable application package and a totally watertight application strategy (esp. in terms of your post-MBA ambitions and how those make sense given your background). THAT is the reason why it's hard to evaluate your chances without knowing more about your candidacy. Besides your age (you are on the younger side), you DO seem to check most of the boxes that schools are looking for, which is a great thing, BUT evaluating your odds really does require a more in-depth look at your strategy and how you are intending to package yourself in the application. Without that, it's really tough to say.

If you you’re wondering if an Admissions consultant might be helpful to you in your journey, feel free to reach out. You’re always welcome to hop over to this page: ... sultation/ and we’ll get into it. Oh and take your time and really sink into that form, the more stuff you say, the meatier the chat.
Jon Frank
Founder, Admissionado


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Profile Evaluation

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