Cornell Releases 2020 Employment Report

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The employment report for Cornell University’s SC Johnson Graduate School of Management is out, and it tells a pandemic-era story we’ve seen play out at other top B-schools like Ross, Tuck and Stern: salaries are up while job offers are just slightly down. 

In 2020, Johnson’s two-year MBA grads pulled in an average base salary of $138,767, good for a 6 percent increase over 2019’s numbers. 

Although job offers did dip as the economy slumped in 2020, they didn’t dip by much. 

Specifically, 93 percent of job seekers in Johnson’s 2020 MBA cohort received offers within three months of graduation, compared with 94 percent last year. Ninety-percent accepted offers versus 93 percent in 2019.

Financial services accounted for the highest proportion of accepted offers, with 34 percent taking jobs in that sector. A further 30 percent opted for consulting jobs. 

In a more modest third place was tech, which brought in 16 percent of Johnson alums. And one in ten grads landed jobs in consumer products.

Given Cornell’s upstate New York location, perhaps it’s unsurprising that Johnson’s two-year MBA grads overwhelmingly took employment in the Northeast, with a full half of the class staying in the region. 

The West was the next most common destination, accounting for 15 percent of Johnson’s two-year MBA Class of 2020. 

While the Mid-Atlantic region was the least common, at only five percent, it also represented the region with the highest average base salary, at $148,300.

Altogether, Johnson says that 233 different companies recruited its two-year MBA students as either full-time employees or interns in 2020. 

Johnson’s employment report provides a list of the 15 companies hiring the most of its MBA Class of 2020, which range from Amazon to McKinsey to Johnson and Johnson to JP Morgan. 

David Capaldi, executive director of career services at Johnson, told Poets & Quants that the school was “very pleased with our placement results,” especially considering that “the pandemic arrived as just in time full time hiring was about to kick in.”

According to Capaldi, the resilience in Johnson grads’ job market outcomes drew on a “very strong internship conversion rate and the support from alumni and several faculty members.”

Indeed, that kind of network and institutional support in furthering one’s career goals is an advantage of top MBA programs that can shine during economic downturns.

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