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Patterns among those who have scored 750+

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Patterns among those who have scored 750+  [#permalink]

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New post 29 Jul 2019, 04:07
Patterns among those who have scored 750+

I am going to start this thread by adding the latest data in it. We already have two old post with the same subject one was posted in 2013 by bb and can be found here. Other was posted in 2015 and can be found here. This post is latest 2019 version. It will help members to assess the change in trend (if any) in use of GMAT Material by GMAT test takers. In this post I will use the data from 2017-2019 so we will be able to assess the change from last 4-5 years. I have also allocated a separate section for some of the outstanding stories having less than 750 but more than 700 score. At the end I have also posted the summary of material used by these test takers. Member will be able to know which material has been used the most. GMAT Club's legend souvik101990 and ChiranjeevSingh are also in this list.

How this post can help members?

  • Members can get inspired by these outstanding stories of hard work.
  • Can get an idea to use which material and how to use that material for effective learning.
  • Can learn different tips and tricks for GMAT Prep.
  • Can assess how the use of material has been changed (or not).


UserGMATMaterial/Course Used
Shahmeer760OG + e-GMAT + GMAT Club Tests
kartikazad750GMAT Club
arthurychoi760Manhattan quant + Kaplan book
variantguy750OG+Manhattan Quant books+Kaplan book+GClub Math Book
Marger780OG + Manhattan Books
HelloNewman760OG + Manhattan Interact
Sobes4life770OG+ Target test prep
cmklaw750OG + E-GMAT Course
Avi2018770OG+ Magoosh + GMAT Club tests
eternaloptimist780Manhattan books+OG
andrewthefourth750OG, MGMAT guides
souvik101990760Manhattan Full online course, Veritas Online course, e-gmat course
crza760GMAT Club Math Book + OG
NTSpike760TTP, Manhattan Guides
sidsharma1989760e-GMAT, GMAT Club Tests
dhananjaya13760GMAT Club Tests+ e-GMAT Course
justalmost790Veritas prep Course
Samiya780OG + Jamboree Quant Classes
AlUnderwood770OG + Magoosh
tiffanana750OG + Manhattan prep Books
rohansdalal750Kaplan, e-GMAT, GMAT Club Test, OG
tightrope790OG and Manhattan Guides
ChiranjeevSingh780GMAT Clubs tests and GMAT Prep exam packs
0000000000780GMAT Club and MGMAT
gmat_India760GMAT Club Tests E-GMAT, OG
angshumangayan760GMAT Club Tests+ OG
chanange760GMAT Club Quants + OG + Manhattan Prep App
strawberrycupcake770GMAT Club Explanations + OG
OGinNYC770Kaplan Premier Bok + Kaplan CATs
salysalsal750Math Revolution All in one


UserGMATSentence CorrectionCritical reasoningReading Comprehension
Shahmeer760e-GMAT Coursee-GMAT Coursee-GMAT Course
kartikazad750GMAT ClubGMAT ClubGMAT Club
arthurychoi760Manhattan SCPowerScore CR Bible
variantguy750Manhattan SC
Marger780Manhattan BooksManhattan BooksManhattan Books
HelloNewman760OG + Manhattan Interact
Sobes4life770OG + Veritas OrienVeritas OrienVeritas Orien
cmklaw750OG + E-GMAT Course + Manhattan SC
Avi2018770OG + GMAT Club Verbal Forum
eternaloptimist780OG + Manhattan Books
andrewthefourth750Manhattan SCOG, mgmat guides
souvik101990760Manhattan SCManhattan Full online course, Veritas Online course, e-gmat course
crza760Manhattan SCCR BibleManhattan RC
NTSpike760Manhattan SCManhattan CRManhattan RC
dhananjaya13760e-GMAT Coursee-GMAT Coursee-GMAT Course
justalmost790Veritas prep CourseVeritas prep CourseVeritas prep Course
Samiya780E-GMAT SC
AlUnderwood770Magoosh SCGMAT Club Verbal Forum BibleGMAT Club Verbal Forum
tiffanana750Manhattan prep Books + Magoosh SCManhattan prep BooksManhattan prep Books
rohansdalal750Manhattan SCPowerScore CR
tightrope790OG and Manhattan GuidesOG and Manhattan GuidesOG and Manhattan Guides
0000000000780Manhattan SCPowerScore CR Bible
gmat_India760Manhattan SC+Aristotle SCMGMAT
angshumangayan760e-GMAT Verbal OnlinePowerScore CR Biblee-GMAT
chanange760Manhattan Prep App
strawberrycupcake770Manhattan SCGMAT Club Explanations
OGinNYC770Kaplan Premier BookKaplan Premier BookKaplan Premier Book
salysalsal750e-GMAT Verbale-GMAT Verbale-GMAT Verbal


Shahmeer760GMAT Club Tests + Veritas + Princeton Review
kartikazad750GMAT Club Tests
arthurychoi750Veritas CATs+ GMAT Prep+GMAT Club Tests
variantguy750Veritas CATs+GMAT Prep
Marger780GMAT Prep + GMAT Club Tests
HelloNewman760MGMAT CATs
Sobes4life770GMAT Prep CATs
cmklaw750GMAT Prep+e-GMAT Scholaranium
Avi2018770GMAT Prep+GMATClub
eternaloptimist780GMAT Prep+ MGMAT CATs
andrewthefourth750MGMAT CATs + GMAT Prep CATs
souvik101990760GMAT Prep+ MGMAT CATs + GMAT Club tests
crza760GMAT Prep+ Veritas CATs
sidsharma1989760GMAT Club, 800Score test
dhananjaya13760e-GMAT Scholaranium + GMATClub Tests
justalmost790Veritas CATs, Kaplan CATs
Samiya780GMAT Prep
AlUnderwood770GMAT Prep
rohansdalal750GMAT Club Test, e-GMAT Scholaranium
tightrope790GMAT Prep, MGMAT CATs and GMAT Club Tests
ChiranjeevSingh780GMAT Clubs tests and GMAT Prep exam packs
0000000000780GMAT Prep+MGMAT Cats + GMAT Club Tests
gmat_India760GMAT Club Tests, GMAT Prep
angshumangayan760Veritas CATs + GMAT Club CATs
vgreene750GMAT Club Tests + GMAT Prep CATs
strawberrycupcake770All Free CATs
OGinNYC770Kaplan CATs
salysalsal750E-gmat Scholaranium

Now below is the list of outstanding stories with score having less than 750 but more than 700. Prominent names from GMAT Club abhimahna and saswata4s are also in this list.


UserGMATMaterial/Course Used
Sowmya Kora740OG + e-GMAT
vikeshv740OG + E-gmat Course
energy2pe710OG + GMAT Club
anand108740OG + GMAT Club
gautham0615740GMAT Official Guide
delmoneyy710OG + Gmat Ninja Youtube
rahul_india740OG + E-GMAT Course
abhimahna740OG+ Magoosh + GMAT Club tests
saswata4s730OG + Magoosh + Manhattan Books


UserGMATSentence CorrectionCritical reasoningReading Comprehension
Sowmya Kora740e-GMAT Coursee-GMAT Coursee-GMAT Course
vikeshv740Manhattan SCE-gmat CourseE-gmat Course
energy2pe710GMAT PrepNow Videos-
anand108740Power Score CR Bible
gautham0615740e-GMAT Verbal Onlinee-GMAT Verbal Onlinee-GMAT Verbal Online
delmoneyy710OG + Manhattan SCOG + Manhattan CROG + Manhattan RC
rahul_india740OG + E-GMAT Course
abhimahna740OG+ MagooshMagooshMagoosh
saswata4s730OG + Manhattan SCPower Score CR bibleManhattan RC


Sowmya Kora740GMAT Club Tests + e-GMAT Scholaranium
vikeshv740GMAT Prep + Manhattan CATs
energy2pe710Veritas CATs + GMAT Prep + Manhattan CATs
anand108740Manhattabn CATs
gautham0615740e-GMAT Scholaranium + GMAT Club Tests
delmoneyy710MGMAT CATs + GMAT Club Tests
lchoc720GMAC CATs
rahul_india740GMAT Club Tests + e-GMAT Scholaranium
abhimahna740GMAT Club Tests
saswata4s730Official CATs + Manhattan CATs + Kaplan CATs


Must have books for GMAT

Official books and Computer adaptive tests (CATs) are not ranked in this summary as they are must have material.

Top GMAT Books/Courses used by above test takers


Apart from Official GMAT guides and official CATs, overall 12 different books/courses were used by test takers and top 3 books/courses from those are following.

1. GMAT Club (Test, Math book and explanations)
2. Manhattan Quant guides
3. e-GMAT Course


For Sentence Correction (SC)

1. Manhattan SC Guide
2. e-GMAT Course
3. Magoosh Course

For Critical Reasoning (CR)

1. PowerScore CR Bible
2. e-GMAT Course
3. Manhattan CR Guide

For Reading Comprehension (RC)

1. Manhattan RC Guide
2. e-GMAT Course
3. GMAT Club RC Forum


Apart from Official CATs

1. GMAT Club Tests
2. Manhattan CATs
3. Veritas prep CATs.

I hope this post will help members in some way.
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Re: Patterns among those who have scored 750+  [#permalink]

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New post 29 Jul 2019, 04:19

thnx a lot. u have done a great work. I hope aspirants will find this one really helpful.
GMAT Club Bot
Re: Patterns among those who have scored 750+   [#permalink] 29 Jul 2019, 04:19
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Patterns among those who have scored 750+

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