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Joined: 02 Jun 2016
Posts: 30

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Location: United States
GMAT 1: 710 Q49 V36
GPA: 3.5
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New post 01 Jan 2017, 02:40

Last edited by NP720 on 20 Mar 2017, 01:31, edited 1 time in total.

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Senior Manager
Senior Manager
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Joined: 07 Jan 2016
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Location: India
Schools: Duke '20 (S)
GMAT 1: 710 Q49 V36
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Re: Ask [#permalink]

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New post 07 Mar 2017, 23:37
Hello Expert,

GMAT - 710( QA 49 VA 36 IR - 7/8 AWA 6/6 )

Ethnicity- Indian
Male , 25 years old
Btech (Mechanical) - 2013 - 69% [ Under grad]
12th - 2009 -87%
10th (ICSE) - 2007 - 75%

Work Experience - 43 months as on Date will reach 48 months by August ( At the time of applying will have around 49-50 months work experience)

I am currently working as a business development executive at a startup and have worked with a government agency to design some training programs for their employees to effectively use social media for better E-Governance and have worked on building an android application along with successful launching of a online platform designed for certain companies. ( working for about 2 years here).Working alongside here , My father owns an advertising agency in which i play a role too because it is a family business and i need to look after when he is away and have helped create logos for the Government of Telangana. I am from Hyderabad , India and Telangana is the State. So i do not know how to leverage this work because in my own personal opinion I think it is great to have worked on a few government projects and design logos for it. The logo is evident on their websites and posters and all over the city . So i think i can give me some edge but any opinion regarding this will be considered. Prior to this i worked with Google for a year via a third party. I worked there as a business analyst.


Sports - Swimming, basket ball , kabbadi , table tennis and badminton , Boxing .
Won the 1st Place in basketball at College (team event) .
Participated in multiple university and state level competitions . (table tennis)
Participated in a national level debate and Adjourned best speaker in a debate at a college level event.
Winner of an Extempore at a national level technical fest
Participated in multiple public speaking events and debates
The president of a Student Body in college for 2 years until the end of graduation undertaking lot of responsibilities and conducting multiple events
Organiser of the Sports Fest for 3 years along with a team under me and successfully organised multiple events. Along with Organizing as a sports player had to participate thus managing both organizing and playing.

I was the anchor for the Annual Day for 2 years and conducted the event in a splendid fashion
Class representative and event organiser for the college Fest for 4 years
Musical instruments learned - Keyboard , Guitar
Performed in the annual day and formed an own band during the college days and participated in college events.
learnt Classical singing for over 11 years and still learning
An active member of NSS during college and couple with the other activities i had , went on to form events to distribute food , books , clothes to the needy and have taught maths and physics to the needy .
Associated with an NGO as well , hope this help in application process

Academic Projects and Achievements

Always in the reckoning of the class - top 5%
95th percentile in CAT ( Management Exam in India) a neccesity to get in the reputed IIM’s ( Indian Institute of Management) and 90th percentile in XAT ( Management Exam for XLRI - Xavier School of Management)
Multiple projects in Robotics and designed various prototypes using basic principles of robotics and have done an internship in a PSU regarding steam engines

Final project in College related to Robotics – 6 degree Stewart Gough Platform
I have been to multiple industries such as steel pant , iron ore plant and a couple of thermodynamic industries to see the functioning of machines and an automobile industry as well to see the understanding of manufacture of components.
Softwares learned - CAD/CAM , Catia , Solid Works , Pro-E , Ansys (taught during academic rigour ) along with the normal C , C++ , Blue Java , MS office etc.

Q) Do you have a specific Company to work for? - I do not have a specific company to work for. My areas of interest are marketing and consulting . Of course every aspirant desires to be in the best of the best companies. Rather than working for a company would love to have company of my own down the line

Q) what do i want from my MBA? - I want my MBA to provide the knowledge n specific skills to run a business. It comes with experience i am sure but an MBA adds value and can make one think better in terms of the business. I would like to start a company of my own. My father has his own business and i want to diversify its services . A marketing related MBA would help me to make my company more reachable to cater to the needs of clients. At this stage my answer isn't clear and might be vague but i still haven't put a thought to it . Mostly like i wish MBA helps me better to run a business

Q) Mba full time/part time - I would want to do an MBA full time (2/1 year is fine) . I turned 25 last week so at the moment thinking i could use 2 years for an MBA unless a one year MBA suits me more. I am willing to relocate and looking for schools in India , US , UK , Singapore

Areas of Interest - Marketing / Consulting
Dream School – Kellog (Marketing)

What schools would you suggest to apply to based on this Profile assuming i still score a 710 in my retake . Targeting R1 this year , want to join a school in 2018

Other schools on my mind - Yale , Oxford , NUS , NTU , ISB . Also do i stand a chance at Harvard/ Stanford / Haas ( the elite ) if not what can i do to solidify my application for applying to these schools. I would like to apply to 6 schools One in India (ISB) , 3 In the United States , 1 in UK , 1 in Singapore , i haven't given much of a thought but any advice here would help

Target Score for Retake - 740 (QA 50 VA 40) , owing to my poor academics , i thought of giving the exam another shot and I represent a demography of very high scores


P.S - sorry for keeping it long , i might have missed out anything , feel free to ask something if it is missing

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Joined: 17 Jul 2016
Posts: 18

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GMAT 1: 730 Q50 V38
Ask [#permalink]

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New post 19 Aug 2017, 23:40
Hi experts, can you please evaluate my profile:

Background and nationality - Indian
Undergrad Information - B. Technology, electronics and communication, Non IIT/NIT, 69%
GMAT: 730

Work experience and leadership - More than 5 years in total.
Electrical engineer incharge in offshore industry with experience on vessels and in shipyard. During my training period, I was recommended to be promoted to an independent role before the actual time period. Was first one in my company to get promoted that soon. As an electrical engineer I was incharge of everything electrical and electronic with a small assisting team. Job included operational management, maintenance, installation and repair of electrical systems. Was a part of major offshore operations such as rig towing, platform service/support, underwater oil pipeline inspections with help of underwater robotic vehicles for different clients such as Exxon-mobil, GSPC, Reliance, ONGC etc. Was electrical supervisor/inspector for construction and commissioning of multimillion dollar platform support vessel from a Chinese shipyard to Nigeria. Passed numerous classification surveys by independent bodies such as DNV, ABS etc. Never had a single electrical downtime in my career. Have taught and supervised interns, and reported their performance.

Last year I quit to join an IT startup to get hands on business experience. Joined as an intern and got promoted to product strategy role after 3 months. Company is very fast growing and has over 15million users now. Managing product strategy now. It's been one year here

Community and others - Coordinator in a local NGO dealing in awareness campaigns and free medications in rural areas. Coordinator of college youth fest fund raising team. Won and participated in several art competitions during schools and college days. Won annual inter-school quiz competitions twice in a row.

Have completed 2 coursera courses by UPenn in Marketing and financial accounting.

International experience(if any) - Areas of work include: India(2yrs), China(6 months) and Nigeria(15months). However, for few months was in involved in projects in Singapore, Cape town as well.

Post MBA goals - Work in a consulting/ strategy (in sustainability if possible)

I relate everything thing to creativity. I am an art buff since childhood and have participated, won several art competitions during college and school days. Be it my learning process or troubleshooting methods I try to find different ways to do so. However, lack of time has slowed me down. I don't devote much time to art now. Still, last October I organised an art exhibition with a theme of Human emotions. It was covered by local media. I am not sure how relevant this hobby, still i will write it here to get some feedback.

My concern- I am not able to relate my past with present and present to future. My experience and qualification in electrical sets me up to understand major sustainable technologies, but I can't vividly think of how to lay that out on paper. energy/power--IT business role--sustainability. I don't want to risk my admission because of lack of clarity in goals, so even if you suggest me something about altering my goals a bit I'm all ears.

I am targeting top 5-15 US b-schools or Insead. Or please give your suggestions.

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Joined: 29 Apr 2013
Posts: 40

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Location: United States (NY)
Concentration: Finance, Strategy
GMAT 1: 620 Q42 V34
GMAT 2: 660 Q42 V38
GMAT 3: 710 Q49 V37
GPA: 2.4
Re: Ask [#permalink]

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New post 28 Sep 2017, 18:45

Thank you for doing this!

Background: Asian Male U.S. Military

Undergrad: United States Air Force Academy B.S. Legal Studies GPA 2.36

Graduate: Oklahoma State University M.S. Entrepreneurship GPA 3.727

GMAT: 710 49Q 37V 5AWA 7IR

Work Experience:
-Air Force Contracting Officer, aka acquisitions for Air Force. Significant leadership experience through Air Force. Multiple Group level awards, led team through organizational change which led to 1 Major Command Award. Exited military as a Captain 5 years
-Medtronic surgery consultant/sales experience. Started as a trainee, graduated year-long training program in 6 months, graduated top of class out of 15. Increased revenue in a 2 year downward trending territory. Grew passion for biotechnology. 2 years
-Currently working on launching platform for New York City to help veterans in need. 4 months

-Currently Air Force Reserves Captain, I volunteer to interview applicants to Air Force Academy to help them decide if the military is right for them.
-Medical Missions, I was able to earn more than $500k worth of medical implants and tools from Medtronic, and helped ship them to Puerto Rico to help surgeons treat children with scoliosis. Did this for a year and a half while at Medtronic
-Habitat for humanity. Volunteered while in the Air Force to help give back to the cities that embraced the Air Force Base.

-Enjoyed time in Air Force grew passionate about conducting business deals enabling mission capability for Air Force. At Medtronic grew passionate and saw the impact of biotech watching patients move limbs for the first time after an accident. Long-term goal is to become accredited investor focused on biotech ecosystem to help improve quality of life globally. Short term is to become investment banker in healthcare group to learn to correctly value companies and identify key growth factors.

Additional info
-I had family health issues that I will not disclose here, but I did not know how to deal with the demanding military and academic curriculum and family issues at home.
-I have always wanted to attend a top MBA program, but I knew my UG gpa is a scarlet letter. I took finance and accounting in Graduate school where I got A's in, out performed peers during my careers and scored a fair GMAT 710 to compensate.

Target Schools in no particular order: CBS, NYU, Tepper, Darden, Cornell

So my question is, have I done enough to offset my poor UG GPA?
And are my target schools reasonable?

Thank you for taking the time to do this.

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Joined: 17 Mar 2017
Posts: 35

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Location: India
Concentration: Sustainability, Social Entrepreneurship
WE: Information Technology (Consulting)
Re: Ask [#permalink]

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New post 01 Oct 2017, 14:20

I have been in search of a community or a forum, to find out the best-suited courses in MBA or MSc aligned with Corporate Social Responsibility and green/sustainable management. So far it's been a struggle to find a similar pool of applicants or threads for such courses and I'm really not able to find some good measure of rankings.
General information that I'm looking for is - Job prospects after degree, ideal profile with median GMAT score, and usefulness of the course.
Following are some courses that I know of and would like to know more about -

1. The Università Bocconi MAGER - MSc in MSc Sustainability and Social InnovationGreen Management, Energy and Corporate Social Responsibility
2. HEC Paris - MSc Sustainability and Social Innovation
3. RSM Erasmus University -MSc Global Business & Sustainability
5. Oxford University - MSc in Environmental Change and Management
6. University of Toronto -Master of Science in Sustainability Management (MScSM)
7. Columbia University - Master of Science in Sustainability Management

Bit about me - Background - Indian Female, I.T. Consulting with 40 months of Experience in a Big Four Company
Cumulative Percentage - 78% (Honors Degree in Bachelor of Technology (IT major) tier 2 institute.
Extra Curricular- Associated work with WWF and a few Non-Profit driven educational institutes.
GMAT Score - 650

Please evaluate this profile and in reach schools for my score. What extra is needed for profile to be considered strong.

Posted from my mobile device

Posted from my mobile device


+1 kudos if you find it useful :)

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Joined: 21 Jun 2017
Posts: 12

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Re: Ask [#permalink]

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New post 10 Oct 2017, 01:57
Hi Linda! Hope this finds you well!
I am writing to ask you regarding my chances at Cornell/Columbia/MIT LGO programs. Here's a brief summary of my profile:

29 year old female from India, with GMAT score of 700 (Q-43 V-42 AWA-6.0 IR-7). Professional experience includes both IT(Business Analyst to Product Owner to Business Analytics consulting) and research experience (CFD Analysis @ Chrysler Automobiles). I have switched fields in line with my entrepreneurial interests. While my target schools are NYU Stern, CMU Tepper, Kenan Flagler and Chicago Booth, I'd like to know my chances at Cornell/Columbia/MIT LGO/Tuck. My Post MBA plans are to work with MBB as a Strategy and Leadership consultant for few years and then take on a leadership role or start my own business.

Let me know my chances at target schools as well as at Cornell/Columbia/MIT LGO/Tuck.

Thank you for your time!

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Joined: 10 Mar 2015
Posts: 15

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Re: Ask [#permalink]

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New post 04 Dec 2017, 03:14
So, I did my MBA in HR from one of the borderline premier institutes in India.
Currently am a HR Manager working with a major sales and distribution firm in India. My role is of HR Business partnering for sales division of an entire state.
Prior to this, post my engineering I had 2 years of solid work ex with a major battery manufacturing firm in the role of product development.
I plan to take the GMAT and go for a second MBA with the sole purpose of transitioning my career out of HR, preferably into general management or strategy.
My query is, would my workex in HR be a major hurdle in getting admitted in the top B schools? Are professionals with work ex in HR given a differential treatment?
Also, will my workex in HR be detrimental to the career transition that I am planning to make while getting a job post the MBA?
Please help!

I havent found any examples of people with HR workex getting into the top B schools. would be great if someone shares such profiles.
Also can anyone guide me regarding whom or where should I talk with regarding my queries?

Here is my profile:
XII- 85%
Btech from National Institute of Technology India - 7.31 CGPA
2 years of work ex in New product development role in major battery manufacturing firm. (Market Leader)
MBA in HR from borderline premier institute in India
3-4 years of work ex as HR manager in HR Business Partner role.

TIA :)

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Re: Ask   [#permalink] 04 Dec 2017, 03:14

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